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Are you a digital native or a digital immigrant?

In our first video you will see a discussion about the difference between ‘digital natives’ and ‘digital immigrants’. Most university undergraduate students are ‘digital natives’, while many learners from the business community would fall into the ‘digital immigrant’ category. Postgraduate students might fall into either category. What do these two terms really mean and what are the implications for the way that we teach?

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Learner Autonomy

Many of the tools that we will present are flexible and can be used by teachers to present information to learners both inside and outside the classroom. Some technologies can also be very motivational when used in the classroom, where they often work best when learners work in pairs or groups, so extending the opportunities for talk while they are carrying out their tasks and thus creating opportunities for self directed learning in the classroom. See our Collaboration page dedicated to this topic.

The following clip is from one of the TED Talks and illustrates some experiments in self-teaching:

Share your ideas about how the tools you use could work for autonomous learners outside the classroom.

The following resources are available on the internet from and from the British Council:

An introduction to learning technologies
Introduction to Learning Technologies
Learning Technologies Worksheets