IELTS Speaking Test

To help learners with the speaking test in IELTS there are lots of video clips on YouTube. First show the learners a ready made example like this one:

Then you can get them to practise. You can ask another learner to observe and make notes while a third learner uses a simple flip cam to record the interaction. This can be uploaded to YouTube and used for review. Remember that you can keep these private. They don’t have to be made publicly available unless you decide to do so.

Off the Cuff Interviews

You can get your learners to interview you or other members of the class with questions they have prepared in advance. These can be uploaded to YouTube for peer review and could even be made available to other learners outside the class with the learners’ permission.

Here are a short unprepared interview with a non native speaker talking about presents she received for Xmas. What do you notice about the native speaker responses?

What other classroom activities can benefit from the use of video?

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