Activity 2. Gapfill exercise

In the previous activity learners have to supply information about the key word, using clues present in the context. Another option is to ask learners to supply the key word itself. A concordance output is turned into a gapfill activity by deleting the keyword. This activity could be used for enhancing vocabulary acquisition.

This example is based on the concordance to look, see, watch. It is conducted in two stages:

Stage A:

1. (Pre-reading task, group work) Before you look at the concordance output, try to answer the question in your group:
What are the differences between look, see and watch?

2. Study the concordance output.
Does the example support what you said in 1?
Discuss it in your group.

3. Make a note of any phrasal verbs formed with look, see, watch

Stage B:

1. Can you identify the missing keywords in each of the following concordance outputs for look, see and watch?
Discuss your findings in your group.

You can create your own concordances for various grammar issues using Online Concordancer


Stevens: Classroom Concordancing: Vocabulary Materials Derived from Relevant Authentic Texts (1991)

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