If your have watched the Sugata Mitra’s video clip you will know that he carried out an experiment in which he left a computer with children who had a very strong accent and told them to train themselves to speak so that the speech to text software, which comes with most computers these days, will understand them. It worked. In two months they had modified their accent so that the software understood them. We suggest training our learners with this software too. Why risk Repetitive Strain Injury (RSI) when all you need is a headset.

Dragon Naturally Speaking is a similar piece of software which Irene uses. This one you have to pay for so we advise you to try the ready installed version first to see how effective it is. We believe that this software is good for encouraging clear pronunciation. The more clearly you speak the more accurate the output. The following demonstration uses Dragon Naturally Speaking but reviews of the pre-installed software suggest that it works just as well.

This type of software could be particularly motivating for learners who lack confidence at the keyboard. Can you think of ways of using this software? Although there may be some limitations in the classroom, with small groups it could be a fun resource. Share your ideas.