Livebinder is a free bookmarking tool that allows you to link to websites, audio or video clips relating to a chosen topic.

You can add your own tasks to each page displayed and is a neat way of keeping linked sources together for a group to work through. You can use tabs and subtabs as a flexible way of organising material you want your learners to use and focus their research on.

It’s usually described as a virtual 3 ring binder. In other words the way you used to organise resources in physical binders can now be done for web resources using livebinder.

You can find lots of binders that have been made by other teachers. You can put them on your own shelf. Better still it’s easy to create your own binders.

Once your learners have got used to this tool, then you can encourage your learners to create their own livebinders to share with their classmates. They could start with something simple like their favourite YouTube clips.