How much do you know about feedback and error correction?

Activity 1: Corrective Feedback
Take the quiz and find out the recommended methods of providing corrective feedback.
Click here for an extract showing research findings about corrective feedback.

Corrective Feedback Quiz

1. What type of correction do students typically prefer?

  • self-correction
  • teacher correction
  • peer correction

2. In which type of correction do learners discover their own errors?

  • direct correction
  • peer correction
  • indirect correction

3. In which type of feedback is student uptake most likely?

  • explicit correction
  • recast
  • elicitation

4. In which type of feedback is student repair most likely?

  • metalinguistic feedback
  • recast
  • explicit correction

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Activity 2: Reflection

Will your methods of corrective feedback change as a result of this exercise? How?
How can you use audio and video recordings of communication in the classroom?
What experience do you have of self-correction and peer-correction?
Would these work better if you gave your learners recordings of their interaction?
How much positive feedback and encouragement do you give your learners?
How important do you think this is?

Further Reading:

Sheen: Corrective feedback and learner uptake in communicative classrooms across instructional settings (2004)
Panova & Lyster: Patterns of feedback and corrective uptake in an adult ESL classroom (2002)