Students often need to be able to understand the spoken word without any visual stimuli. This may be in an examination situation or at work, where they have to handle phone calls.

Do you use authentic audio materials to develop learners listening skills? Podcasting is one of the options teachers can use for developing listening skills. So, what exactly are podcasts?

Watch this video:

Listen to this example of a news podcast that was broadcast on 14 November 2010.

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Now you know what a podcast is, complete this definition. You can watch the video again to help you.

It’s easy to find lots of podcasts on the internet that you can download for use in your lessons.

Here you can find out how to create your own podcasts.

Here are some examples:

Podcasts in English
LearnEnglish Elementary Podcasts
BBC World news for children

Voice of America and BBC Radio4 are also excellent sources of news and current affairs broadcasts and podcasts, do you know others? Please share these with your fellow teachers.