YouTube is a wonderful resource for the classroom or for homework when supported by activities aimed at specific skills and strategy development, to be discussed in the classroom. If you don’t have or don’t like using technology in the classroom you can still make use of it outside and bring the results into your lessons.

The video on this page is an extract from a lecture in the Justice Series presented by Professor Michael Sandel.

Here is the task sheet that Irene used with her students. This was a series of personal study activities which were aimed at stimulating ideas for discussion in class.


You might also like to set up a YouTube channel and create your own video clips to be used for a range or purposes. You can either direct your learners directly to your channel or you might like to embed the videos in a simple blog like this one that Irene created.

Irene's Video Blog for Active Listening

Here are a couple of watching sheets that you might like to use with your learners to help them develop strategies for effective and active watching/listening:

Watching Sheet
Watching Interviews Sheet

Don’t forget if you want to share your experiences with any of these tools you can either Contact us or post a comment on the site by going to the Home page.