There are lots of ready made YouTube clips that help with vocabulary, prepositions and so on. However, you and your students might like to personalise vocabulary development by making quick videos yourselves.

Notice that listening activities often start off with watching or speaking to activate the schema. They would end with speaking to activate the extended schema and work on other related aspects of the language.

Activity 1 – Kitchen Appliances

The first clip is aimed at those who like cooking and who might want to talk about kitchen appliances.

Stage 1: Sound off

Show the video clip with sound off. Ask the learner to note down all the items they see.
Check in pairs see how many words they already know.

Stage 2: Sound on

Watch the video again to fill in any gaps.
Teacher then asks students what is next/above/below certain items to work on prepositions of place.

Stage 3: What are they for?

Ask learners to describe what each appliance is used for.
Do the learners have any of these appliances?
What do they use them for?
Are there any appliances they have that are not shown in the video?

Stage 4: Giving instructions

Ask the learners to work in pairs and give each other preparation instructions for a recipe/meal and the other partner has to work out what kitchen equipment the partner used.

Activity 2 Home Study

Watch this video clip and work out how you might be able to use this in a similar way.

Use your reflective journal to write down your ideas and share them with us,