How do Wikis help your learners work collaboratively? Watch this video and find out.

The Wiki can be useful for more serious and extensive writing activities and should encourage interaction and communication in a virtual learning environment.

Wikis can optimize collaboration and interaction between teacher and learners and among learners working in groups.

They allow learners to work as and when they are able to outside the classroom and the teacher can access, assess, and evaluate the performance of their learners and can provide ongoing communication and feedback to them.

It requires regular classroom interaction between the learners or other synchronous communication in order to ensure that real collaboration takes place.

How do you use Wikis? Share your experiences with us.

Here’s how Mary is using her wiki for students’ homework and lesson preparation as part of an in-company course in Budapest. Great work Mary. I’ll be interested to see how your learners use it over time. I think we need to find ways of getting our learners to collaborate with each other rather than simply do individual work which they put on the wiki.

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